The Great Metal Works



The Great Metal Works - Studio of Cheryl D. Garcia

The Great Metal Works is the online studio of Jacksonville, Oregon metal artist Cheryl D. Garcia. 

 Cheryl is a talented and experienced metal artist who has a broad and beautiful range of work that includes fine art, sculptural work, gates and home accent pieces.  Cheryl is especially known for her giant California Poppies at the edge of her current hometown, Jacksonville Oregon.  She has been creating metal art pieces since 1994 having created hundreds of art pieces, sculptures and private commissions in that time, Cheryl has established herself as a well respected and renown regional artist.

Featuring artworks through public art installations and gallery shows , her most recent work includes wall hangings and giant outdoor sculptural pieces that are uniquely skillful, beautiful and popular. Her work reflects and extends the inspiration she finds in the natural world blended with the whimsy and magic she infuses it with.