The Great Metal Works


Artist's Statement

The artworks that are extruded from my inner being come forth through the direct inspiration I find in the natural world. I see a bird perched in a tree or ready to take wing, the vast awe wrenching mystery of the solar galaxies and the simplistic beauty of a flower petal unfurling. These elements and more are the basis of honoring the world around me through the use of a variety of metals.

By taking this inspiration and applying it to our modern lifestyles, I have developed a fusion of art and function. A handrail which visually tells the story of the life of birds, a garden gate which twists and branches like a tree, a vessel to provide a special plant with a personal shrine or a birdfeeder in the form of a gigantic flower. This approach to art allows the viewer to interact directly with the artwork and experience first hand the magnificent world we are part of.

Low VOC and water cleanup, the epoxy finishes I use are the most environmentally sound industrial paints on the market today.  Designed to maintain their luster and protective qualities under the harshest salt water and sun baked conditions, my color finishes will stand up to the test of time.  Many of my natural rust finishes are coated with a specialized product which arrests the rust process and maintains the finish color for many years to come, whether displayed indoors or out.