KTVL 10 - Homegrown Hype - Cheryl D. Garcia KTVL 10 - Homegrown Hype, November 14th, 2014
KTVL News 10 hopes you'll enjoy the look inside her studio where joyfulness, awe and wonder intertwine to create many of the pieces that grace Southern Oregon as much as we did!
Oregon Lifestyles - Cheryl D. Garcia Oregon Lifestyles, April 27th, 2014
Oregon Lifestyles Television visits with Cheryl in her studio at the Great Metal Works. 
The Oregonian - Signs of the Seasons Oregonian, December 5th, 2013
The sentimental and personal significance of Cheryl's creations are reflected on by her clients in this article in the lifestyle section of Portland's Oregonian newspaper. 
The Oregonian - Red Lily Oregonian, May 22nd, 2013
Cheryl D Garcia's art at Red Lily is reviewed as an excellent companion for their stellar wines in this article in the lifestyle section of Portland's Oregonian newspaper. 
The Mail Tribune Tempo Mail Tribune Tempo, February 3rd, 2012
Weekend Tempo Cover.  A large scale sculptural dragon weather vane created by Jacksonville metal artist Cheryl D. Garcia will be featured as part of the Chinese New Year festivities.
KDRV Channel 12 KDRV Channel 12, February 2012
Cheryl D. Garcia interviewed about her art piece "Flight of the Dragon" and the meaning of the dragon in Chinese mythology.
Jacksonville Review Jacksonville Review, January 2012
Jacksonville metal artist Cheryl D. Garcia selected as a featured artist in the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art’s 41st International Art Show in Brownsville, Texas.
Daily Tidings, July 2011
Photo Gallery of Cheryl's Bollander's Lily installed at the Red Lily Tasting Room outside Applegate, Oregon.
Mail Tribune, July 2011
A video interview with Cheryl by Mandy Valencia after installing the her Bollander's Lily at the Red Lily Tasting Room outside Applegate, Oregon.
Jacksonville Review, June 2011
Cheryl Garcia, Jacksonville resident and creator of the huge California Poppies in the Quail Run Vineyard just east of Jacksonville, showed how she creates art from metal. Standing in a shaded corner of the beautiful South Stage Cellars Tasting Room on South 3rd Street, Cheryl created lovely pieces of art on Saturday, June 25 before an intrigued audience.
Jacksonville Review, May 2011
Over the last ten years Jacksonville, Oregon has slowly gaining renown as ‘The Napa of the North’. The divine grapes that are a product of the intense sunshine and dry soils of Southern Oregon extend beyond the pinot noirs that the wetter Willamette clime has made famous.
Mail Tribune, April 2011
Sparkling blue skies, puffy white clouds and the gently rolling hillsides of Quail Run Vineyards provide the perfect backdrop for a public art installation of eight gigantic, bright orange metal poppies waving in the spring breeze on towering green stems, says local artist Cheryl Garcia.
Daily Tidings, May 2010
Proceeds from an art show opening Friday in Ashland will go toward efforts to clean up a massive oil spill threatening the Gulf of Mexico.