The Great Metal Works 
Metal Art by Cheryl D. Garcia   
April 1st, 2015

"Brittilaria" at Britt Festival Grounds

Cheryl has been working on one of the most ambitious and inspired sculptures of her career.  Ten years ago during the first Spring after she moved to Jacksonville from Ashland she was hiking in the hills around town when she first happened across a small clan of the lily family, the Frittilaria.  With a half dozen or so members in Southern Oregon, they each share a brilliant red bell like flower.  None of them stand more than a foot high and one of them only occurs in the Jacksonville Woodlands around the Britt Festival.

When Cheryl returned to her studio instead of picking up her grinder and getting back to the artwork she was working on she pulled out her sketchbook and sketched the blossomed subject with colored pencils.  Years went by and lots of poppies came and went.  Each year when Spring came around and the Frittilaria would bloom, Cheryl would revisit the sketch in her notebook.   It was truly an idea waiting for it's time and place to come.

While working on one of her larger California Poppy installations, Cheryl's clients Sean & Sonya asked her what other flowers she had created.  She mentioned the sunflower, thistle, columbine and corn stalk at Walker Elementary School in Ashland, the Bolander's Lily at Red Lily Vineyards, the Perrier Jouet flower at "C" Street Bistro in Jacksonville and the one flower she had always wanted to create. That frittilaria from her sketchbook.   Without hestitation Sean said "We want the first one if you ever create it!", and the idea was starting to become reality. 

When Sean and Sonya moved to Texas, it seemed like that the idea was destined to remain a dream.  Until one evening last year while Cheryl was attending a concert up at the Britt Festival Grounds and saw the perfect place.  A place where art, music and natural beauty could all meet in combined harmony!   

Sean and Sonya loved the idea of giving back something so beautiful to their second home of Jacksonville and asked Cheryl to approach the Britt.  Thanks to the leadership and vision of Donna Briggs and the entire Board of the Britt Festival this dream is about to come true!

You are invited to the dedication of the latest public artwork by Cheryl D. Garcia on Friday, April 10th 2015 from 5:30 - 6:30 PM on the Britt Festival Grounds in Jacksonville, Oregon. Jeff Kloetzel will welcome everyone with music, celebratory minature cupcakes and cava will be served.  We hope to see you there!


"Eternal Spring" Spiral Staircase Sculptural Profile 

Three years ago a couple stopped by the Jacksonville studio of metal artist Cheryl D. Garcia and requested she design a spiral staircase for their home. Cheryl recommended that they purchase and install a kit but they insisted on her being the artist and persisted in their request.  After a long patient wait the sculptural piece "Eternal Spring" was installed in their airy and light filled home in February.

St. Mary's School
Art Mentorship Program 

As a girl Cheryl always dreamed of assembling the pieces of metal she discovered in the desert canyonlands.  Thanks to the support and encouragement of her family and teachers she was able to develop her inner vision into the metal artist she is today.  Cheryl cares deeply about giving back that support and encouragement through mentorship programs that inspire the next generation of artists.
Of course Cheryl said "yes" when the faculty at St. Mary's School in Medford asked her to demonstrate her cold steel methods to their art students as part of an "Artist on Campus" Spring student workshop series.  St. Mary's students will have the opportunity to see Cheryl work and ask her questions about her art.  Faculty, parents and the entire student body will also have the opportunity to interact with Cheryl's selected sculptural works exhibited in the campus community garden through May.

A Farewell to Louis Colisimo 
The well loved and respected Rogue Valley Glass Artist Louis Colisimo passed away in December.  Many of you will know Louis from his Red Oak Glass in Central Point or will have seen his exquisite work at Kaleidoscope Pizza in Medford. Louis' students knew him through his infinite enthusiasm, patience and constant encouragement.  Cheryl and Louis were longtime friends and collaborated on the artistic floor lamp below.  The world has lost a passionate and caring artist, he will be missed by our community. 


Interview Insight  

 Oregon Lifestyles Television's Terri-Lynn Kalhagen visited the Great Metal Works to interview Cheryl D. Garcia and document her creative process.  Here is the segment they filmed that will be appearing on stations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

 Cheryl's Message

There was a time when I felt compelled to finish an art project the same day.  Today my projects take weeks and sometimes months to complete.  The growth and development I have felt on every project leads me to reflect to the returning Spring.  Since my most recent show at Red Lily in May 2014 I have been creating two amazingly huge projects which have taken all of my time and attention.  

"Spring Eternal" was my first ever sculptural spiral staircase.  At a story and a half the assemblage consisted of 46 separately hand made precision fitted pieces.  An enormous effort that combined serious fabrication and artistic vision, the functional artwork astounded even me when I finally saw it fully assembled for the first time.  

My second Winter project was "Brittilaria". This sculptural installation is one of my largest yet and closest to my heart.  The project again challenged me to create, build and explore new tools, methods and techniques.  The completed multi-element work will be installed at the renown music venue at the Britt Festival Grounds here in Jacksonville.  I hope all of you will attend this very special public dedication ceremony on April 10th as we celebrate the natural, cultural and historic treasures of Jacksonville.  


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